Through the years

August 18th 2001 – 2020

Het Behouden Blik first opened her doors to the public on August 18th 2001. Today, running on 20 years later we look back on many memorable moments, a few of which are pointed out on this page.

Thus far more then 13.000 people have visited the museum, have seen the collection or have enjoyed our books TerugBlik op Meij/Het Blik bekeken (2007)Het Behouden Blik in 40 (2011) or 25 new Seasons (2017) or the book on our extensive research into the Coffee breweries of the North, Koffie vers(ch) gebrand! or were present at one of our lectures. Taken by surprise by a sense of nostalgia and recognition people especially enjoy reviving our own history by means of the story behind the collection. We look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2021!

The exchange and sharing of information and knowledge has resulted in many extraordinary stories. Het Behouden Blik takes great pleasure in the spontaneous donations by means of, sometimes very special, tins to add to the collection!
The collection has definitely rooted in its surroundings and has provided many agreeable moments to its visitors.



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